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  • Madeira Classic Orchestra 2018 - 2019 Season

    Madeira Classic Orchestra 2018 - 2019 Season


    Artistic Director - NORBERTO GOMES
    Maturity! Golden Period!
    Madeira 600 years. Six Centuries of Music!

    Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre

    Debut Season Concert 2018/2019
    Classic Orchestra of Madeira - Ciclo Os Concertos para Piano
    Conservatory - Escola das Artes da Madeira [Formandos CPI]
    Guest Maestro - Jean-Marc Burfin 
    Solist - Vitaly Samoshko [First Prize - Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition] 

    Sergei Rachmaninov [1873-1943] - Concerto para Piano e Orquestra nº3, Ré menor, Op.30 [1909]
    Allegro ma non troppo
    Intermezzo: Adagio
    Finale: Alla breve 


    Johannes Brahms [1833-1897] - Sinfonia Nº2, Ré maior, Op.73 [1877]
    Allegro non troppo
    Allegro non troppo
    Allegretto grazioso (quasi andantino)
    Allegro con spirito

    Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre
    Chamber Music
    Quintet de Sopros – Solists OCM


    Paul Hindemith [1895-1963] – Kleine Kammermusik für fünf Bläser N.º 2, Op. 24 
    I. Lustig. Mässig schnelle Viertel
    II. Walzer. Durchweg sehr leise
    III. Ruhig und einfach. Achtel
    IV. Schnelle Viertel
    V. Sehr lebhaft

    Jacques Ibert [1890 – 1962] – 3 Pièces Brèves 
    I. Allegro
    II. Andante
    III. Assez lent – Allegro scherzando


    Ferenc Farkas [1905 – 2000] – Five Antique Hungarian Dances 
    I. Intrada
    II. Lassú
    III. Lapockás Tánc
    IV. Ugròs

    Jacob Gade [1879 – 1963] – Arr. Stig Jogensen – Tango Jalouise


    Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre

    Madeira Classical Orchestra

    Concert – Originais para Sopros

    Guest Maestro - José Eduardo Gomes


    Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy [1809-1847] - Oppener in C Major, Op. 24 [1826]

    Claude Debussy [1862-1918] - Petite Suite [1889]
    En bateau: Andantino
    Cortège: Moderato
    Menuet: Moderato
    Ballet: Allegro giusto

    Gordon Jakob [1895-1984] - Old Wine in New Bottles [1959]
    The Wraggle Taggle Gipsies
    The Three Ravens
    Begone, dull care
    Early one morning


    Benjamin Britten [1913-1976] - Russian Funeral Music [1936]

    Ralph Vaughan Williams [1872-1958] - Scherzo alla Marcia (da 8ª sinfonia) [1955]

    Vítor de Faria [n.1978]- Vi Ana na Rua do Capelão 


    Baltazar Dias Municial Theatre

    Orquestra de Cordas - Ensemble XXI
    Ciclo Jovens Solistas
    Direção Musical - Yuriy Kyrychenko
    Solista - Jani Silva 


    Edvard Grieg [1843-1907] - Praeludium from Holberg Suite, Op.40 [1884]

    Emmanuel Séjourné [n.1961] - Concerto para Marimba e Orquestra de Cordas [2005]
    First movement
    Second movement


    Asger Hamerik [1843-1923] - Sinfonia Nº6 "Symphonie Spirituelle" [1897]

    Allegro moderato

    Allegro molto vivace

    Andante Sostenuto

    Allegro com spirito 


    Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre

    25th Anniversary Concerto of AACMM
    Orquestra Clássica da Madeira 
    Cicle Os Concertos para Piano
    Guest Maestro – Dinis Sousa 
    Solist – Pasquale Iannone 


    Sergei Rachmaninov [1873-1943] – Concerto nº2 para Piano e Orquestra, Dó menor, Op.18 [1901]
    Adagio sostenuto
    Allegro scherzando 


    Johannes Brahms [1833-1897] – Sinfonia Nº1, Dó menor, Op.68 [1876]
    Un poco sostenuto – Allegro
    Andante sostenuto
    Un poco allegretto e grazioso 
    Adagio – Più andante – Allegro non troppo, ma con brio – Più allegro


    Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre

    New Year's Conert - Ciclo Os Concertos para Piano
    Classic Orchestra of Madeira
    Guest Maestro - Pablo Urbina
    Solist - Rafael Kyrychenko


    Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky [1840 - 1893] - Piano Concert and Orchestra, Nº1,  Op. 23 [1875]

    Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso – Allegro con spirito

    Andantino semplice – Prestissimo

    Allegro con fuoco


    Dani Howard [n.1993] - Verticality [2017]*
    Béla Bartók [1881-1945] - Romanian Folk Dances [1915] 
    Leroy Anderson [1908-1975] - Forgotten Dreams [1954] 
    Albert Ketelbey [1875-1959]- In a Persian Market [1920] 
    Enio Morricone [n.1928] - Gabriel´s Oboe [1986] 
    Edward Elgar [1857-1934]- 'Nimrod' from Variations on an Original Theme, Engima [1899]  

    Johannes Brahms [1833-1897] - Hungarian Dance No. 5 [1869] 
    Edward Elgar [1857-1834] - Land of Hope and Glory (Pomp and Circumstance No.1) [1901] 


    January 2019

    01-01-2019- Thuesday - 6 pm & 9.30 pm - Muncipal Theater Baltazar Dias

    New Year's Concert
    Madeira Classical Orchestra 

    Guest Maestro - Pablo Urbina


    Franz von Suppé [1819-1895] -  Poet and Peasant Overture 

    Johann Strauss II  [1825 - 1899] - Tritsch Tratsch Polka Op. 214 

    Josef Strauss [1827 – 1870] - Die Schwetzerin Polka Mazurca - op 144  

    Isaac Albéniz [1860-1909] - Tango No 2 in D major, Op 165 

    Johann Strauss II [1825 – 1899] – Neue Pizzicato Polka Op.449 
    Valeriy Antonyuk [n.1979] - Glamor Waltz

    Leroy Anderson [1908-1975] - Belle of the Ball Waltz

    Leroy Anderson [1908-1975] -  "Bugler's Holida

    Hervé-Godfrey/Augusto Migueis - Quadrilla Chilpéric [1873]

    A. Serrão - Valse

    A. Serrão - L´Enfer, galope

    Johann Strauss [1804-1849]] - Festive March, op. 452 

    Josef Strauss [1827.1870] - Arm in Arm - Polka-mazurka, op. 215 

    Johann Strauss [1804-1849] - Magic Bullets, quick polka, op. 326 
    Josef Strauss [1827.1870]- Brennende Liebe - Polka-mazurka, op. 129 

    Josef Strauss [1827.1870] - Eingesendet, quick polka, op. 240 

    Local: Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre

    Madeira Classical Orchestra 18-19 Season

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