May, Spring month

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

MAY, the Spring month, the city of Funchal is full of life, with lots of colors and smells that characterize this time of the year.

Along this month are many the activities around the city of Funchal that energize the city, attracting residents and tourists to the main roads of Funchal.  

Until the end of May, is happening the “Flowers Festival” at Placa Central, but this month is marked by two big events that bring life and animation to the downtown of the city.

From 17 of May until 23, happens the 5th Edition of the Urban Music Festival of Madeira, “FICA NA CIDADE”, in Funchal. Along these days, many are the artists that will have the city as stage, a total of 150 musicians, involved and 36 concerts, distributed along 4 thematic stages.

PRAÇA AMARELA STAGE: Main stage of the festival;

ZONA VELHA (OLDTOWN) STAGE: World Music Jazz e and traditional music from Madeira;


RUA DA CARREIRA STAGE: Acoustic music;

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For those that books are “their things”, the Municipality of Funchal, will have the Book Fair, that will happen from 24th of May until de 2th of June.

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Have the day of your life in the City of Funchal!

banner Funchal, the capital of the Madeira archipelago, was declared a city in the 1500s, and became an important point between the old and new worlds. The laid-back city owes much of its historical prominence to the white gold, the Madeiran sugar. Today Funchal is known for its appealing temperatures, wine and crafts. Top spots to visit include the open Worker's Market, Blandy's Wine Lodge and the Sacred Art Museum. Friendly locals, walkable streets and cheap taxis make the city easy to get around. SEE ON TRIPADVISORseta Mapa Turístico do Funchal

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