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    Rua do Aljube Rua do Aljube


    Rua do Aljube is parallel to the northern wall of Sé Catedral do Funchal. The choice of the name was not random, because the word aljube means “ecclesiastical prison”. In the past centuries, it was an existent structure, in every diocese, and in Funchal, it worked by proximity to the Manueline building which was finished at the beginning of the 16th century. The Cathedral occupies the whole Southern façade of the street, that finishes at Largo de Gil Eanes and on the north side, at Largo do Chafariz.

    For decades, the street lived predominantly turned to the Madeiran high society. Along the century, shops which main target was wealthy people, opened in that street, such as the clothing store Balão Vermelho, the Maison Blanche, that became a kind of a warehouse where the upper middle class could find several things, from toys, clothes and perfumes, and Phoebus, which is the only one that is still opened nowadays, and it located at the corner with Largo do Chafariz.

    Today, the busy street receives multinational brands such as Zara.

    Behind the cathedral, in the junction with Largo de Gil Eanes, is located a point of sale of Madeiran flowers, in the open air. It was recently refurbished by the City Council of Funchal. The visitors search for it and want to photograph this feature of the island. The saleswomen, known as florists, get dressed in the traditional costume of Madeira, which calls the attention of the visitors.



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