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    Poncha is a traditional alcoholic drink of Madeira. Previously this drink consisted of brandy cane sugar, lemon peel and sugar. Currently there is a wide range of flavours (including mandarin and passion fruit) that delight everyone who tastes it. The best known is the regional Poncha, which is made with lemon juice, orange, honey and brandy and it can be purchased by the glass, bottle or litre. The usual places to drink it are the bars of the Old Town of Funchal and the Seven Seas Bar, located in Cristiano Ronaldo Square.



    It is considered an ideal regional drink to have on hot days. It has Passion Fruit Brisa (an equally regional carbonated drink) and vanilla ice cream accompanied by some pineapple, which is placed in the cup bottom. You can choose the version with alcohol, in which beer or white wine is placed. Like Poncha the usual places to drink it are the bars of the Old Town of Funchal, and the Seven Seas Bar, located in Cristiano Ronaldo Square.



    This alcoholic drink mixes: chocolate powder, lemon peel, dry wood wine, dark beer and sugar. The most famous place to try it is the Bar Pé de Cabra (Goat Foot Bar), located in Lombada-Funchal.


    This one is produced from sugarcane. Currently, all production of sugarcane is directed to the production of honey and sugar cane spirit. With different and unique flavours, it is recognized by specialized tasters as essential quality product. It can be bought in traditional places like Mercadora (in Rua do Hospital Velho) or in Pharmácia do Bento (in the historical Rua dos Tanoeiros).




    banner Funchal, the capital of the Madeira archipelago, was declared a city in the 1500s, and became an important point between the old and new worlds. The laid-back city owes much of its historical prominence to the white gold, the Madeiran sugar. Today Funchal is known for its appealing temperatures, wine and crafts. Top spots to visit include the open Worker's Market, Blandy's Wine Lodge and the Sacred Art Museum. Friendly locals, walkable streets and cheap taxis make the city easy to get around. SEE ON TRIPADVISORseta Mapa Turístico do Funchal

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