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    Adapted Transports Adapted Transports Adapted Transports

    The city invested in the adaptation of transports and, today there are 3 types of transportation available: Company Buses “Horários do Funchal”, a fleet of taxis and even the Madeira Cable Car.



    Buses: There is a special fleet of four mini buses. Three modular capacity for up to three wheelchairs and with a capacity to nine. There is a service reserved only for disabled people, which is carried out in the entire area of Funchal in the county and is performed through an appointment system. The service is provided from the place of residence of the person requesting the service for the final destination specified by the user.

    There is still a fleet considered "Green Line" with 20 buses available that are downgraded, that do not have stairs to the inside, but a ramp, with the possible entry of people with wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility, such as seniors. This fleet travels the most tourist lines from the city center.

    Another 10 buses have an elevator for the use of people with wheelchairs and operate this service in the higher areas of the city.



    Taxis: There are 21 taxis adapted for people transport service. These vehicles are in every existing taxis square in the city of Funchal. There is still the possibility to contact the AITRAM- Taxis Madeira and make the request for a vehicle adapted to collect the passenger in a place at their request.


    Madeira Cable Car: is an affordable transportation as is it possible for disabled people or with another type of disability entry in the cabin. In order to ensure greater security, the cabin is completely immobilized during the user entrance process in the cabin, making use of a quiet stay and a unique experience.

    banner Funchal, the capital of the Madeira archipelago, was declared a city in the 1500s, and became an important point between the old and new worlds. The laid-back city owes much of its historical prominence to the white gold, the Madeiran sugar. Today Funchal is known for its appealing temperatures, wine and crafts. Top spots to visit include the open Worker's Market, Blandy's Wine Lodge and the Sacred Art Museum. Friendly locals, walkable streets and cheap taxis make the city easy to get around. SEE ON TRIPADVISORseta Mapa Turístico do Funchal

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